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Mrs Mini's MINI Maintenance Manager and his team can offer you mechanical support if your MINI is poorly, coughing, spluttering, whining, or simply refuses to go.

Our workshops may not be quite a swanky as BMW MINI's, but then neither are our prices. Mrs Mini believes in fair and transparent pricing, without hidden extras, and whilst your MINI is with us we promise to treat it as one of our own.


  Mrs Mini's Mini Service

125.00 + VAT


This is a lubrication service, where we change your Mini's engine lubricants including the the oil and the oil filter.  In addition to this our technical team undertake an Inspection of your Mini and explain clearly to you any areas of concern, giving you the opportunity to decide if you wish us to take any additional remedial action.


Mrs Mini Maxi Service    

225.00 + VAT


This is a full service of your MINI, where we change your Mini's engine lubricants including the oil and the oil filter, the air filter, pollen filter, fuel filter, spark plugs, brake pads and brake discs.  We undertake a full inspection of your Mini and explain clearly to you any additional areas of concern, giving you the opportunity to decide if you wish to take any additional remedial action.

  Seasonal MINI Health Check
  Summer Check

 30.00 + VAT

  Winter Check

30.00 + VAT

  MINI Parts Replacement  
  Clutch change

 from 149.00 + VAT

  Power Steering Pump

from 449.00 + VAT


from 695.00 + VAT

  Brake Pads and Discs

from 125.00 + VAT

  Brake Fluid Change

49.00 + VAT

  Mrs Mini Diagnostic Analysis

45.00 + VAT


Mrs Mini Body Spa

40.00 + VAT


This includes a full body polish.


Mrs Mini Interior Detox

40.00 + VAT


This includes a deep cleanse of all fabrics, and interior surfaces.


Mrs Mini Luxury Spa Package

65.00 + VAT


This includes a full body polish and a deep cleanse of all fabrics and interior surfaces.


Wheel Crunches

 from 60.00 + VAT per wheel


Mrs Mini can restore your MINI's wheels.  Us ladies, are renown for getting a touch too close to the kerb, when we thought there we were a good 6 inches away! 

  Crash, Bang, Wallop - OUCH!

Just call Mrs Mini, we can restore your MINI to its former glory.  As each scuff, dent, scratch, is slightly different, Mrs Mini offers a bespoke restoration service which is mirrored with our bespoke pricing.  To do this we need to see your MINI, as we can and will not guestimate the restoration costs over the phone.  If your MINI is not upto the journey we can send a bloke with a big tuck to pick it up.  Mrs Mini's estimators are experienced at working with most insurance companies too, so we can help take the hassle out of your little bump.




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